Players' representation

- signing and extension of professional contracts

- negotiation of financial conditions

- realization of national and international transfers

- organization of interships in foreign clubs

- ensurance of special medical care



- searching for talented players

- monitoring of players' performance in clubs and in a national team

- organization of monitoring matches for international agents and scouts


Other services

- ensurance of sports equipment

- rendition of non-hockey services for players' dependents


Public Relation & Media

- arrangement of media partnership

- organization of press conference

- organization of media trips

- ensurance of PR training

- negotiation of performance on TV

- media monitoring


Events' Management

- pursuit of competitions

- organization of trips, arrangement of entrance tickets, VIP

- organization of exhibitions

- ensurance of autograph session

- publicity and running of hockey school & camps


For fans

- keeping the players' web sites

- merchandising

- writing the book

- printing the posters and players´ cards